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A Guide to Organizing Paper Genealogy Files
Booklet Cover
© 1997
Research Hints
Thoughts on saving space and energy
      When making notes and references to information from a book, I find it very handy to photocopy the title page of the book. Any notes are then written on the back of this photocopy, thereby giving me quick and accurate access to the source.
Naturally this can only be of use at locations that have the facilities to make photocopies.
     Another good use of a photocopy of the title page is when we wish to order/purchase a particular book. It saves confusion and possible misspelled title, author, or publisher. Multiple photocopies from this book can also be paper clipped together to help later on.
     I like to use photocopies in other instances also. One of these is when copying obituaries, or other articles from a newspaper, I photocopy the 'Masthead' with the date included. I find this great for scanning onto the same page as the article. To me it seems to add a great touch, especially for 'Show & Tell'.
     Without a scanner, this can be done as a 'paste up'. Frequently I do this and then scan the 'pasted up' page.
Just In Case Kit
     Borrowing from the Boy Scout's motto - 'Be Prepared', this is an idea that may be helpful. Even though I am sure many of the old-timers in genealogy have gotten around to this, it bears mentioning. Taking along items helpful to your research anywhere or anyplace you may go, can prevent a lot of frustration. Any type of container suitable to the individual can become the 'Kit'. This may be a cardboard box, duffel bag, a briefcase, or even a paper grocery sack. In side place various items that could be something you wish you had had with you. This can be placed in the trunk of your vehicle 'Just in Case.'
Extra pens and pencils  
Extra paper and notepads  
"Research Reference Guide"  
Flashlight (this can change the appearance of a 'hard to read' headstone)
Spray bottle of water (works to help read tombstones)
Magnifying glass  
Cameras (one or more)
  • camera of your choice
  • one cheap instant camera
  • one of the type that you send in the entire camera for processing
  • Tape Recorder  
    Shoes or shoe covers for a muddy / wet cemetery
    Coins for photocopiers (or even some places - Parking Meters)
    Small trowel  



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