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Continuing or Expanding
Variations and Additions
      The sample page has brought up another possible 'glitch' in using any type of organizing system. This being, if you hadn't caught it, the spouse of # 48-2 Becky E. Doe; Thomas M. Needle could be assigned a reference number of 48-2sp. This will work to assign a reference number to each individual in this guide and also provide a reference number in working with a database or other program.
     If your research has progressed to the point that you are including other relatives of Thomas M. Needle, I would suggest that this is the point where another file is created. Possibly an "N' or 'Needle' file. To be able to avoid confusion, I would like to also suggest that a cross-reference chart be initiated at this time. 48-2sp would cross-reference to be the same as 'N 1'. The 'N' number assigned to him of course would depend on which direction the Needle lineage is taking you.
     Inserting a descriptive page as to what you are doing and why could be a great way to 'liven up' your paper files for another reader. Posterity may not understand as to why you decided to branch out in that direction, so below is a sample of what I am mentioning.
The family of Thomas M. Needle, who married a sister of my
2nd Great-grandfather, and their descendants lived close by our ancestors.
Being friends and neighbors throughout many years, attending the same churches
and schools causes our family history to not seem complete without the inclusion
of the Needle family lineage along side ours.


     A cross reference chart, in all probability, will not be a very long list. A copy of this cross-reference chart could possibly be inserted in several different locations without much difficulty.
     The vast differences between family trees and because each researcher's work is unique, modifications will likely be needed. This guide along with most any other guide is subject to alterations, corrections, and modifications.
Best Wishes and Good Luck with
Your Research and Presentations



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