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Gillespie, Illinois - Macoupin County Illinois, - State of Illinois - USA

Misc. Historic NEWS Items
Gillespie, Illinois makes the newspapers.

The Hillsboro Journal, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois
Volume 18, Number 18
Friday, June 11, 1886, Page 5
      James Carroll, a laborer, aged 55, resident ol Gillespie, left home Friday to work in a field near town. Not returning at the usual hour his relatives became alarmed and instituted a search which resulted in the finding of his body lying near a fence which he had to cross on his way home. It. is supposed that he fell from the fence and received injuries which caused his death.

Newspaper Directory, New York
Geo. P. Powell & Company; 1889
Gillespie Hearld listing

Prairie Farmer, Chicago, Illinois
Volume 62 Number 8
Saturday, February 22, 1890, Page 16
Roller Mill advertisement

The Hillsboro Journal, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois
Volume 41, Number 4
Friday, October 30,1891, Page 1
      The Gillespie village board has been petitioned by the leading business men of that village to grant a twenty-four years franchise to Jacob Querbach to operate an electric light plant at that place.
Notes :
      1. In 1855 Jacob Querbach operated a wagon shop in Gillespie, Illinois.
      2. September 7, 1891 - An ordinance was passed that gave permission for electricity to be provided by a private concern. This was done by Gillespie Electric Light Company which was owned by C. W. Smith and Jacob Querbach.

World War I
Leaving For Service
Gillespie Soldiers, October, 1917
WWI soldiers Leaving For Service
Photograph courtesy of Colin Murphy
Top row :
      George Kaskutas, Werner Smith, William Duffy, Jim Fitzpatrick.

Second row :
      Joe Milnor, Frank Roberts, Bob Frew, Frank Redolfi, Henry Frame, Jimmy Gray.

Front Row :
      John Carr, John Harris, Wil Cowie, George Mitchell, John Andreaus.
Note :
Those leaving Gillespie for Camp Taylor, Kentucky included :
      William Duffy, James Fitzpatrick, Henry Frame, George Kaskutas, J. W. Kissel,
      Joe Marculinus, George Mitchell, Jake Morgan, Mino Osterkamp

Henry Franklin FRAME
Henry Frame, WWI uniform Born on January 31, 1890 in Vermillion County, Illinois .
The son of John L. & Margaret Sarah (nee Chapman) Frame
On the 1900 Census, he is living in Georgetown, Vermillion County, IL. in the household of John L. & Margaret S. Frame
On the 1910 Census, he is living in Ward 3, Gillespie, Macoupin County, IL. in the household of John L. & Margaret S. Frame
Married : Anna Sarah Meinecke in the year of 1919
On the 1930 Census, he is living in Gillespie, Macoupin County, IL. with Wife : Annie, 33; Son : Billie, 6 (George William); & Daughter : Ruth, 10 (Ruth Shirley)
      Occupation : Machinist at Coal Mine
Burial : Gillespie City Cemetery, Gillespie, Macoupin County, Illinois
FRAME Tombstone Photo
Anna S.
Dec. 7, 1896
Aug. 6, 1954
  Henry F.
Jan. 31, 1890
Nov. 15, 1947

William Anton MEINECKE
William Meinecke, WWI uniform Born on March 18, 1891 in Illinois .
The son of : Henry T. & Mary Ann (nee Raynor) Meinecke
On the 1900 Census, he is living in Gillespie Village, Macoupin County, IL. in the household of Henry T. & Mary A. Meinecke and is listed as 'at school'.
On the 1910 Census, he is living in Ward 2, Gillespie, Macoupin County, IL. in the household of Henry & Mary A. Meinecke and occupation is listed as 'coal'.
World War I Draft Registration
Casper, Natrona Co., Wyoming
Age - 26
Residence - Casper, Wyoming
Occupation - Digging Trenches
Employer - O'brian
Tall Height & Slender Build
Dark Blue Eyes & Light Brown Hair

Married (1) : Jeainie Rankin HORNE
      She died on Friday, March 10, 1925 in the big train derailment on the Illinois Traction System that occurred eight miles north of Gillespie near the Davis Siding.
Married (2) : Nellie Mae MAYES (1897 - 1967)
On the 1930 Census, he is living in Sawyerville, Macoupin County, IL. with wife, Nellie and occupation is listed as 'coal miner'.
On the Social Security Death Index for 1966 his last residence is listed as 'Gillespie, Illinois'.
Died on April 29, 1966 in Illinois
Burial : Gillespie City Cemetery, Gillespie, Macoupin County, Illinois
FRAME Tombstone Photo
William A. MEINCKE
Pvt     Btry F     327 Fld Arty
World War I
March 18, 1891        April 29, 1966
Meinecke Enlistment       Meinecke Discharge
William Anton MEINECKE's Enlistment Record and Honorable Discharge
Photographs courtesy of Colin Murphy


The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 28, Number 111
Thursday, April 19,1928, Page 1
Mine Leaders Injured When Brick Lands
      Sawyerville, Ill., April 18. --(U.P.)-- Two sub district officers of the miners' union were injured here today when a woman standing in the ranks of pickets stationed about mine No. 2 of the Superior Coal company, threw a brick at them as they were riding in an automobile. The men, Joe Carnolia, president of sub-district No. 6, and Fullerton Fulton, member of the executive board, were cut about the head when the brick shattered the windshield in the automobile.
      No arrests were made.
      Today's trouble follows the outbreak of near violence here yesterday when dinner pails wore taken from the men entering the pits and curtains were torn from automobiles carrying the miners. Later a crowd of 1,500 men, women and children marched to Gillespie, adjacent coal mining center, where it was dispersed by authorities.
      About 1,000 "save the union" advocates were stationed at the local mine today. Sheriff E. M. Stubblefield, aided by 30 special deputies, was on the scene and held the conflicting forces in check. The "save the union" advocate demand that all miners cease work in an effort to being about a wage settlement more satisfactory to them

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 28, Number 139
Tuesday, May 22, 1928, Page 3
Thief Evidently Was Fond of His Music
      St. Louis. Mo., May 22. --(U.P.)-- St. Louis police were asked today to look for a one-man band, James Basso of Gillespie, Ill, reported that a man stole a trombone, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and trap drum and accessories from his automobile yesterday.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 28, Number 179
Monday, July 9, 1928, Page 1
Is Killed When Hit by Lightning Bolt
      Gillespie, Ill., July 9 --(U.P.)-- Robert Powers, 7, was killed here instantly last evening when struck by lightning as he was hurrying home to escape a threatening thunder storm. The bolt struck just as the lad was passing under a tree near his home. The tree was burned badly but not shattered. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powers witnessed their son's death.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 28, Number 252
Thursday, October 4, 1928, Page 3
Argument Over Small Sum Costs Life of Woodsman
      Litchfield, Ill., Oct. 4. --(U.P.)-- Miles Sawyer, 38, a woodchopper of Wilsonville, shot September 16 in an argument over two dollars died in a hospital here yesterday, and as a result, James Whitteco of Gillespie, is held in the Macoupin county jail at Carlinville on charges of murder.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 29, Number 119
Tuesday, April 30, 1929, Page 1
Five Are Held For Thefts By Dyer Autos Act
      Springfield, Ill., April 30 --(U.P.)-- Charged with violating the Dyer act, six prisoners were held in the Springfield city prison today awaiting action of the federal grand jury. They were: Lowell Hayes 17; William Trice. 17 and E. J. Mitchell, 17 all of Fort Worth, Tex.; D. A. Brown, 19 Little Rock, Ark., Earl Sturst, 33, Sioux City, la.; and Robert Murdock, 40, Kansas City, Mo.
      The three Fort Worth youths arrested in Gillespie, south of here, are charged with having stolen a machine in the Texas city. Brown arrested in Alton, was said to have stolen an automobile in Little Rock while Murdock and Sturst picked up by Granite City allegedly were driving an automobile taken in Sioux City, la.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 29, Number 225
Wednesday, September 4, 1929, Page 1
School Bells Terminate An Endurance Stunt
      Gillespie, Ill., Sept. 4 --(U.P.)-- School bells terminated a private endurance contest here yesterday. Archie Gillis, after sitting aloft a flag-pole here for 206 hours came down off his perch and tidied himself to attend the opening day of school. A friend of Archie's took his position atop a pole the same time Archie did, but after several hours of sitting, his parents requested him to come down.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Volume 30, Number 73
Saturday, March 8, 1930, Page 10
Babies In Crib Are Attacked By A Rat
      Gillespie, Ill., March 8 --(U.P.)-- Twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest White, Mount Clair, near here, were under care of physicians today following their being attacked Thursday night by a large rat, which invaded their crib. The rat was routed by the father who beat it off with a club. The children were brought here to have their wounds dressed. They will recover.

The Daily Illini, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Volume 60 Number 137
Wednesday, February 18, 1931, Page 1
Veteran Succumbs
      GILLESPIE, Feb. 17. --(AP)-- Mrs. Mary Pesoneus, 86, who was a cook in the seventh U. S. Cavalry under General Custer and was with the regiment at the time most of Custer's men were massacred on the Little Big Horn, died today at her home in Gillespie.

The Daily Illini, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Volume 60 Number 262
Wednesday, July 15, 1931, Page 3
- - - - -

New Ford Coupe, Willys-Knight Sedan Left Near Twin Cities
- - - - -
Sheriff Fred Shoaf and his deputies yesterday found two abandoned cars in this vicinity.
      One of the cars, a practically new Ford standard coupe, was found Northwest of Champaign. The car was apparently in good condition. The doors were locked and the gasoline tank was about half full at the time the car was found. The car had ho license on it.
      The other car, a Willys-Knight two door sedan, was found abandoned near Homer, it carried an Illinois license number 100-620. According to the records published by the secretary of state, this license was issued to E. W. Boyer, 2615 Walnut street , Alton. The license was issued for a Chevrolet.
      The Willys-Knight also carried a city license number 410 from Gillespie.

Photographs from
Illinois Pictorial supplement of
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
March 2, 1930

- - - - -       - - - - -
Gillespie's Volunteer Fire Dept.
Volunteer Fire Department
First row, left to right
      Lawrence McEvoy, Seyman Genneti, Walter Day, Charles Tillman
Second row
      Silverina Cordera, Frank Isaacs, Henry Andrews, John Murray, Loyd Caudrey,
      Frank Redolphi, Onie Caudrey, chief.
Third row
      William Andrews, William Dickie, Julie Andrews
- - - - -       - - - - -
Gillespie's Woman's Club
Woman's Club
Mrs. John Templeton, Mrs. Orin Laughlin, Mrs. J. E. English, Mrs. C. C. Hubbard, Mrs. William Cruthis, Mrs. A. E. Isaacs, Mrs. Alexander Haris, Mrs. Lloyd Combs, Mrs. D. E. Fischer, Mrs. Charles Miller, Miss Anna Maechler, Mrs. Robert Fairful, Mrs. Lloyd Downs, Mrs. Fred Barbrake, Mrs. J. Bruce Ogg, Mrs. Howard Stewart, Mrs. Osa Delaney, Mrs. David Shaw, Mrs. S. P. Preston, Mrs. O. B. Jett, Mrs. Oscar Dorsey, Mrs. George Richards, Mrs. Roy Hoehn, and Mrs. Nellie Isaacs.
- - - - -       - - - - -
Gillespie's Parent-Teacher's Association
Parent-Teacher's Association
Mrs. Joe Carnella, Mrs. Roy Hoehn, Mrs. Harold Isaacs, Mrs. B. O. Jett, Mrs. Lloyd Downs, Mrs. Bruce Ogg, Mrs. Orin Drury, Mrs. C. C. Hubbard, Mrs. Lawrence Kiss, Mrs. David Shaw, Mrs. John Hubert, Mrs. John Mitchell, Mrs. Oscar Willard, Mrs. Frank Travers, and the Misses Edith Schwappach, Vena Jarvis, Eileen Price, Eileen Stehlin, and Hilda Wyen, teachers.
- - - - -       - - - - -
Lawrence and Billy Kiss
Lawrence and Billy, sons of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kiss
- - - - -       - - - - -
playlet photo
"The Wedding of the Painted Doll"
A playlet sponsored by Mary Elenor Holme and Dorothy Bycroft, who are standing in the rear.
- - - - -       - - - - -
Stars of play
Stars of a recent play
Left to right : Eleanor Miller, Jeanie Sorbie, and Dorothy Carivile
- - - - -       - - - - -
Gillespie Rotary Club officers
Rotary Club Officers
Left to right
      S. P. Prestom, president; R. N. Monaghan, vice president; Hugh Ganey, secretary, and Lewis Cohn, treasurer.
- - - - -       - - - - -
Lady Douglass Lodge officers
Officers of the Lady Douglass Lodge
First row
      Catherine Marchcci, Catherine Anderson, May McCormick
Second row
      Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Donaldson, Mary Lambie, Annie Easton, Mary Fisher
Third row
      Emily Roland, Jessie Frame, Jean Anderson, Mary McCormick, Mary Ballantyne, and Elizabeth Henderson.


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